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Pregnant women should not be drinking alcohol at all

REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri

The British Medical Association (BMA) will announce at its annual conference that women should avoid alcohol altogether during pregnancy, as they say advice from medical experts on the issue has been confusing and inconsistent. BMA president-elect Sir Al Aynsley-Green argued that “exposure to alcohol before birth is one of the most significant causes of childhood brain damage, learning disability, poor behaviour and even criminality, affecting up to one in every 100 infants,” something that is entirely preventable by not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Professor Sheila Hollins, BMA Board of Science Chair, added, “The varying and unreliable guidance on how much alcohol women can safely drink during pregnancy is incredibly confusing, and we must ensure that women receive clear and consistent messages about the risks of alcohol during pregnancy.”

Read the full story at The Independent.

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