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Trailer for "Jewels of Allah: The Untold Story of Women in Iran" makes viewers rethink their preconceptions


“Would you believe that I’m a woman from Iran?”

June 22, 2015

Author Nina Ansary‘s new book Jewels of Allah: The Untold Story of Women in Iran is being released this week, and a trailer the book’s publisher uploaded to YouTube is both gripping and features a clever thought-provoking twist. The two-minute video opens with a man dressed in full firefighter’s gear who looks directly into the camera and asks, “What if I told you that I was the only firefighter in my hometown?” The same happens for a downhill skier, a rock star and a champion motocross driver, who all ask a similar query of viewers, while a dramatic soundtrack plays underneath the footage.

The questions and the men asking them challenge viewers’ preconceived notions about what a firefighter or a motocross driver looks like. Halfway into the video an unexpected twist ties everything together.

Ansary’s new book,  an adapted chapter of which was published on Women in the World earlier this month, explores the untold stories of women in Iran and traces the history of women’s liberation in Iran both before and after the pivotal Islamic Revolution in 1979. All proceeds of the book’s sale will be donated to charities, with the OMID Foundation being the top recipient.