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Iranian VP denounces hardliners over volleyball ban for women

Shahindokht Molaverdi, one of Iran’s vice-presidents, has lashed out at the hardliners who are trying to block her attempt at letting female fans watch volleyball matches. In a move by President Hassan Rouhani’s more moderate government to relax the restrictions on women attending sports games, two hundred tickets for Iran’s highly anticipated game against the U.S. in Tehran had been reserved for women, but security officials at the stadium refused to allow them in to see the game. Recently, conservative hardliners have stepped up their campaign against women attending sports games, however, handing out posters in central Tehran that denounce female volleyball fans as prostitutes and sluts. Molaverdi took to Facebook to criticize her conservative opponents who “were denounced two years ago by voters, and who had crawled into their cave of oblivion,” and decried the “crowd of sanctimonious people who published one notice after another denouncing the modest and decent girls and women of this land” and who “used obscene and disgusting insults that only befit themselves.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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