Medical anomaly

Doctors discover 50-year-old fetus in abdomen of elderly woman

Ian Waldie/Getty Images

A hip X-ray led to the discovery of a “large and developed” calcified fetus in a 92-year-old grandmother in San Antonio, Chile. The fetus was about seven months along when it died. According to Newser, the condition is known as “lithopedion,” a rare undiagnosed pregnancy where the fetus dies and becomes calcified outside a woman’s womb. The Chilean woman was not aware of the pregnancy and was not in pain so doctors sent her home without removing the fetus. Doctors gave her the X-ray after she suffered a fall and they estimate the calcified fetus has been inside her for 50 years. “Stone babies” are extremely rare, occurring in less than 2 percent of pregnancies.

Read the full story at Newser.

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