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Nanny woes

Zoe Saldana wants Hollywood to pay for childcare

By WITW Staff on June 21, 2015

Expensive perks for male actors doesn’t seem to faze studio execs, but when working moms ask for childcare the well runs dry, Zoe Saldana told USA Today. Film companies find the dough to pamper male stars with a “really phat penthouse” and other perks, but when “a woman comes” asking for money to pay a “nanny for more hours” the executives say, “Nope, we don’t pay for nannies,” Saldana elaborated. The remarks came in an article promoting her latest film, Polar Bear, a comedic drama. Saldana recently had twins and has awakened to the needs of working moms.  After she got pregnant, Saldana heard rumors that she was going to be written out of some of her upcoming film projects. Paramount, the studio behind her next film, Star Trek, said the childcare issue had been resolved prior to the article being published.  

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