A staggering 80% of global data on gender equality has gone missing

REUTERS/Danish Ismail

In order to measure gender equality around the world, the United Nations Economic and Social Council established some 52 indicators in 2012. These include everything from standard indicators as sexual violence against women, maternal mortality ratio and literacy levels, to the number of female police officers and judges. A new report, however, has found that some 80 percent of all necessary global data on those indicators is missing, especially in the developing world. That’s a huge problem, since policymakers, economists, and governments rely on the annual data to track issues concerning women’s empowerment. In an Op-Ed, Asma Lateef, director of the Bread for the World Institute writes that this lack of data “reveals an entire generation’s worth of progress, lack of progress, uneven progress, or setbacks that we cannot fully understand or assess because we don’t know very much about what happened. Local communities, governments and international partners lack many of the specifics that would help make their ongoing efforts more effective.”

Read the full story at Quartz.

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