Stop sextortion

Tanzanian women learn to campaign and avoid sexual exploitation

A Tanzanian woman shows her ink-stained finger as sign that she has voted. REUTERS/Emmanuel Kwitema

In the run up to Tanzania’s general election on October 25, a group of NGOs are working in concert to give local women the tools and skills needed to win office. One of the challenges for these women is to avoid using sex as a means to climb the political ladder. “Some women are easily tempted to offer sexual corruption to officials so their names are considered for nomination,” Asha Salum, a female candidate for a council position, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “I think now is the time to say enough is enough to ‘sextortion’.” Organized by the Tanzania Women Cross Party, the training will teach female candidates about timely political issues surrounding the elections, how the infrastructure of the government works and election rules and regulations. This is the first year that women have put themselves forward for the presidential ticket in Tanzania.

Read the full story at the Thompson Reuters Foundation.

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