Top Gear co-host not guaranteed to be a woman, BBC exec says

Chris Evans, the newly installed host of Top Gear, an auto show which is watched by 350 million viewers worldwide, made news Wednesday when he told BBC Radio 5 that his co-host would “definitely” be a female. He may have been speaking out of turn. BBC boss Kim Shillinglaw played down that possibility saying publicly that women would be considered but that there would be “no gender diktats.” Shillinglaw went on to say that she cares “about women on television,” but has never thought about an individual show “in terms of gender diktats.” Evans later clarified his remarks saying that there would definitely be a female presence on the show, but not necessarily as a co-host. Exactly how the uber successful show will move forward has been a subject of great palace intrigue ever since Jeremy Clarkson, the previous host, got sacked for getting in a fight with his producer over the lack of a hot meal. Interested in trying to get the co-host gig? Details about the open audition process are here.

Read the full story at the BBC.

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