Ellen Pao ordered to pay $276,000 for losing sexism case

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


Ellen Pao was ordered to reimburse her former employer Kleiner Perkins for legal fees after her losing her landmark discrimination lawsuit against the firm. Pao originally sued Kleiner Perkins claiming that she was subjected to sexism and was passed over for promotions due to her gender, however a California jury disagreed. On Wednesday, a judge ordered Pao to pay $276,000 back to Kleiner Perkins, a steep decrease from the original $973,000 the company sought. Kleiner Perkins originally offered Pao $1 million to settle the case, but she pressed forward with the lawsuit. Pao has vowed to appeal the verdict and the firm said in a court filing that it’s offered her $2.7 million to drop the case. Pao is now the interim CEO of Reddit —  a company also known for having a culture that is unfriendly to women.

Read the full story at NY Mag.

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