Caught on video

White cop seen throwing black girl, 12, up against squad car


Less than two weeks after a white police officer in McKinney, Texas, was caught on video using excessive force to subdue a teenage black girl, a similar new video has emerged, this time of an incident in Ohio. Like the Texas incident, the one in Ohio involved a dispute at a swimming pool. On June 9, Krystal Dixon, 33, dropped off several teens including her 12-year-old niece, off at a local swimming pool. After that, she said, one of the teen’s was denied entry to the pool because of the wrong swimming attire. After Dixon tried to remedy the situation by getting a proper swimsuit, she said pool staff still refused to allow entry. As the altercation escalated, police were called and, while a cellphone video camera rolled, a white cop grabbed Dixon’s niece, twisted her arm behind her back, grabbed her by the neck and threw her up against a police car. Dixon’s family said the girl emerged from the fracas with a fractured jaw and broken ribs and they are accusing the police of using excessive force. Police have responded saying that the 12-year-old girl attacked them and they were just doing their job. They charged her with assault and resisting arrest. The family’s attorney said the entire incident was likely predicated on race. “There’s a lot of people in Cincinnati who believe they wanted them out … because they were black,” he said.

Read the full story at The Daily Beast.

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