When Mommy and Daddy love each other very much …


Photos from 1975 Danish children’s book How A Baby is Made have gone viral after Crysta-Mai Elassaad posted them on Facebook. Take one look at them, and you’ll know why. Author Per Holm Knudsen’s artwork and text are startlingly candid, showing cartoons of naked adults, complete with pubic hair, breasts, and a penis. In some scenes they are standing next to each other, and in others engaged in sexual intercourse. In due course, the woman in the book becomes pregnant. Perhaps most humorous of all is the last page, showing the father and doctor standing on either side of the woman with her legs spread apart and her baby beginning to crown, a smile already on its face. Imagine if this is how we gave our kids “the talk” … things would be SO much less awkward in middle school.

Read the full story at The Cosmopolitan.

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