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The two women winners of “The Apprentice” assess Donald Trump as a presidential candidate

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump jumped into the 2016 race on Tuesday with a canon ball that made a huge media splash. Reporters tore apart his claims with fact checks, and rocker Neil Young tore him apart for using one of his songs without permission. But what do some of Trump’s former “apprentices” think about him — specifically the two women who have won his NBC reality show “The Apprentice”? Kendra Todd, a real estate broker, who was the first woman to claim the “Apprentice” title in season three didn’t say anything very substantive to Fortune, which hunted down all winners and probed them on the issue. Todd, who oversaw the sale of a Palm Beach mansion for Trump, said, “The biggest impression of that time with him was that he’s willing to push the boundaries of what people believe. He really showed that his name itself has intrinsic value.”

Stephanie Shaeffer, the season six winner who then oversaw a real estate project in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, said the greatest management lesson she learned from Trump was to “have all the facts.” “Don’t rely on half the story and don’t put off to tomorrow an issue that needs to be dealt with today,” she recalls him having counseled.

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