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Husband of woman charged with helping murderers break out of prison visits her behind bars

G.N. Miller - Pool/Getty Images

The husband of the woman accused of helping two murderers escape a maximum security prison in upstate New York nearly two weeks ago visited his wife for the first time since she was taken into custody as a suspect. According to lawyers for each side, there are conflicting versions of how the meeting went. Joyce Mitchell’s attorney had said that Lyle Mitchell was still supporting his wife following Tuesday’s meeting. But Lyle Mitchell’s attorney shot down that claim, quoting his client as having said, “There’s no way I’m standing behind her.” Reports emerged that Joyce Mitchell, 51, who sources say had a sexual relationship with both escaped prisoners, may have been in on a plot to have her husband killed by them. In light of those reports, Lyle Mitchell’s lawyer said, he wanted to ask her some “lingering questions.”

Joyce Mitchell’s attorney rejected the reports of a murder plot, reportedly saying, “I believe it’s specious arguing — that’s about all I can tell you.”

Read the full story at NBC News.

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