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Back in the day womanless weddings was a thing (really)

Performers from a Red Cross benefit production of 'A Womanless Wedding' circa 1920. Photo via Texas A&M University

As we head full throttle into wedding season and all the pressures it carries with it, it’s helpful to remember that tying the knot is really whatever you want to make of it –at least if history is any judge. NPR is out with an intriguing look at the forgotten trend of the womanless wedding. Back at the start of the 20th century, womanless weddings—which featured men playing the roles of bride, flower girls and mother of the bride—became a popular way to entertain and raise money for charities. Yep, people would pay for the privilege to see these faux nuptials that often featured prominent members of the community.

Read the full story at NPR.

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