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First female Australian prime minister gives Hillary advice

Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

Julia Gillard, the former prime minster of Australia and the first woman to hold that post, has some advice for Hillary (and all other female politicians): Confront gender issues early. “I assumed that the maximum reaction to being the first woman to lead Australia, both positive and negative, would be in the early days of my prime-ministership and then it would wash out of the system and you’d just get on with the job,” Gillard told the BCC in videotaped interview.  “What I actually found was that the longer that I was prime minister, gendered insults became a very convenient weapon to go to when you were doing something politically controversial.” If she could roll back the clock, Gillard would have dealt with it more forcefully earlier on and encourages other female politicians to do the same.

Watch the full video at BBC Newsnight.

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