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Toilet paper company throws Father’s Day advertising curveball

By WITW Staff on June 15, 2015


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Angel Soft, the toilet paper brand, debuted a new web-based ad campaign pegged to Father’s Day on Monday that goes directly for the heartstrings and bucks the recent “dadvertising” trend. “Happy Father’s Day, Mom,” the commercial declares after several adults tell stories and anecdotes about being raised by their single moms, and the influential and pivotal moments their moms had in their childhoods. Perhaps the most noticeable attribute of the commercial is that virtually every adult becomes emotional when talking about his or her mom, some of them fully breaking into tears. The connection between single moms and toilet paper — lest you are wondering — is that both moms and Angel Soft are soft and strong. According to AdAge, the campaign is not meant to be a slight against dad’s on their big day. “Absolutely not,” a brand manager for Angel Soft said when asked about it. “We celebrate families in all forms, shapes and sizes.”

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