Matters of the heart

Irish murderer Graham Dwyer has a new girlfriend

Victoria Andreenkova has shown the world that prison bars cannot get in the way of what she calls true love. After she visited convicted murderer Graham Dwyer in an Irish prison, she has reported that he “touched her heart” and is her “soulmate.” Andreenkova, who has since changed her Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship,” had her first contact with Dwyer when she received a letter from him thanking her for attending his trial for the brutal murder of 36-year-old Elaine O’Hara. At the trial, she was dressed head-to-toe in black leather and found making gestures toward the accused, which resulted in her being asked to leave the courtroom. Andreenkova lives in Dublin, Ireland, now and originally hails from Russia. She might have a hard time with this relationship as Dwyer has received a mandatory life sentence, which he’s appealing. However, that sort of terminal sentence hasn’t stopped other women from falling for killers.

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