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How a 71-year-old retired judge dubbed “Catwoman” became mayor of Madrid


A real life hero: First she conquered the Internet, now she is going to be mayor of Madrid. Fueled by a social media campaign depicting her as the heroine the city needed, Manuela Carmena rose from relative obscurity to become mayor of Spain’s capital. With her swearing-in ceremony over the weekend, Carmena unseated the conservative establishment, the People’s Party (PP), for the first time in 24 years. “[W]e ran on the currency of hope,” Carmena told the Guardian. In actuality, she ran with the support of Ahora Madrid (Madrid Now), a coalition of leftist groups, as well as a band of inventive artists. With the hashtag #MadridconManuela, the latter created posters portraying Carmena as icons including Cat Woman, Mary Poppins and Princess Leia.

Read the full story at GlobalPost.

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