Long-distance romance

Bill on Hillary: “Whenever I had trouble, she was a rock in our family”

Steve Pope/Getty Images

As Hillary Clinton embarks on the first big official speech of her 2016 campaign, Bill opened up out in a new interview with CNN about their relationship — something they both rarely do. Hillary and Bill are largely relegated to a long-distance relationship these days, with their respective schedules often placing them on opposite sides of the world. Still, Bill feels the love — and friends often say the two are close. Bill went on to talk in the interview about times in his life when he was racked with self-doubt and when he was persona non-grata on the Arkansas political scene back in the early 1980s. After being shellacked in an election, he said, “My career prospects were not particularly bright.” He recalled that, “She never blinked. She just said, ‘Hey, it’ll turn around. I believe in you. You’ve got this,'” he remembers her having said. “Whenever I had trouble,” Bill said of his wife, “she was a rock in our family.”

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