Germany drops investigation into NSA’s alleged Merkel phone-tapping

Michael Kappeler/Pool via The New York Times

Because there was not enough substantial evidence to prove that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) was tapping Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone, Germany has dropped its investigation into the matter. The allegations were made in 2013 after the intelligence that was leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden became public. At the time, although the White House maintained that the U.S. wasn’t listening in on Merkel’s cellphone conversations and weren’t planning to in the future, the news led to strained German-U.S. ties, especially because of Germany’s concerns with privacy and its history with mass surveillance. Merkel even said to the U.S. that “spying between friends isn’t on.” Don’t worry, Merkel! The office of federal prosecutor Harald Range said in a statement that “the accusation cannot be proven in a legally sound way under criminal law.” You can still be friends with the U.S. and take meme-worthy pics with President Obama.

Read the full story at BBC.

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