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Abortion laws are linked to contraceptive use, a new study finds

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Abortion may be a pivotal campaign issue in 2016, but across the board since 2010, fewer women are undergoing the procedures, even in states without limiting restrictions. A recent study by the AP suggests that a number of factors could be at play, from greater access to birth control, to changing views of pregnancy among women. But, recent findings also suggest that abortion laws have a significant impact on women’s behavior. The findings indicate that the stricter the laws, the more diligent women are about birth control. The study, by Josephine Jacobs of Canada’s Western University and Maria Stanfors of Sweden’s Lund University, found that in states with more restrictive abortion laws, women are using more highly effective contraception methods. The team compiled data on on 14,523 women between 1995 and 2010. The results: “Women who lived in a state where abortion access was low were more likely than women living in a state with greater access to use highly effective contraceptives, rather than no method (of birth control).”

Read the full story at Pacific Standard.

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