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Modern family

In a show of true progressivism, Zoe Saldana’s husband takes her last name

By WITW Staff on June 10, 2015

Zoe Saldana married Italian artist Marco Perego in 2013, in a small quiet ceremony. In a new interview, Saldana revealed that Perego made a dramatic break with marital tradition and took her last name after the wedding. And Saldana claims she even tried to talk him out of doing so. According to InStyle, she told him, “If you use my name, you’re going to be emasculated by your community of artists, by your Latin community of men, by the world.” He was unfazed by her dire prediction. “Ah, Zoe, I don’t give a s**t,” is the response she said he had. And give a s**t he certainly hasn’t. The Saldanas have twin 6-month-old boys, both of whom have the Saldana as a surname as well. However, many people online apparently give a s**t about him taking the name. Controversy erupted and Saldana weighed in with a post on her Facebook page that said, “Why is it so surprising, shocking — eventful that a man would take his wife’s surname?” She went to to say, “Fathers, sons, brothers, men everywhere: Your legacy will not perish if you take your partner’s surname, or she keeps hers.” The post was signed by both Zoe and Marco.

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