Look into my eyes

Chinese actor sued by man for her intense stare in a TV show

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

In the latest example of ludicrous and frivolous claims, one Shanghai man is making it his mission to sue actor Zhao Wei for staring at him “too intensely through his TV set” and causing “spiritual damage.” Does this mean we can sue Robert Pattinson? Maybe in China. New rules in the communist country are making it easier to file lawsuits—and some are arguing that they’re making it too easy. Because courts now have a tougher time rejecting lawsuits, there has reportedly been a 29 percent spike in lawsuits filed compared with the same time last year. As one of China’s superwatt megastars, Zhao is the perfect victim for this lawsuit. The plaintiff was pushed to file it after watching a prime-time TV show called “Tiger Mom,” in which Zhao plays a strict, doe-eyed mother with, apparently, a really intense stare. Watch it at your own risk.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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