Meet the woman shaking up the old boys’ club at ESPN

Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Friars Club


Sports media behemoth ESPN recently parted ways with Bill Simmons, one of the brand’s most outspoken and popular voices. It was a move that made waves in media circles and with fans, but it didn’t leave The Worldwide Leader in Sports devoid of a personality willing to speak her mind — even when it’s against some of the most powerful people in the sports world. Michelle Beadle co-hosts SportsNation on ESPN and is also the host of a popular podcast — and she’s amassed a significant following with her unvarnished and irreverent take on issues like domestic violence, Kim Kardashian’s revealing Paper magazine cover that “broke the Internet” and some stupid comments made by one of her loudmouth ESPN colleagues, Stephen A. Smith. The Daily Beast charts who she’s butted heads with in a new profile of her. Among other things, the story recounts one incident in which Floyd Mayweather’s camp had her press credential revoked a day before the so-called “fight of the century” with Manny Pacquiao back in April. Beadle had been a thorn in Mayweather’s side, taking the boxer to task for his startling history of domestic abuse. It was a story line largely overlooked by most in the media in the lead up to the fight. But Beadle kept hammering away at the boxer until his camp had the press credential pulled the day before the fight. The Mayweather camp also had CNN reporter Rachel Nichols’ press credential revoked. “As we now know, he controls the media,” Beadle said of Mayweather, adding, “I’m glad it happened, because at least people now know that’s what they do over there.” George Clooney caught wind of the incident, and when she met him, made a funny joke about “pull[ing] a Mayweather.”

Read the full story at The Daily Beast.

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