5-month-old fetus allegedly survived for 30 minutes after “abortion pill” delivery

Michael Stravato/The New York Times


Relatives of 23-year-old Kenlissa Jones didn’t even know she was pregnant until they learned the tragic news. This past Saturday, Jones was placed behind bars in Albany, Georgia, after she was charged with malice murder and possession of a dangerous drug. The victim was her own five-and-a-half-month-old fetus, officials say, delivered in a botched abortion attempt with a pill that Jones found online. The drug she allegedly used was Cytotec, ordered from Canada, and it caused Jones a “world of hurt.” She later delivered a baby boy in her neighbor’s car on their way to a hospital. “We lost what would have been a nephew for me. And everything. And then my sister,” said her brother, Rico Riggins. Riggins now holds guardianship over Jones’s other son, who is just under two years old, as Jones waits in Dougherty County Jail without bond. According to Georgia law, abortions are not authorized after the first trimester unless it is performed in a licensed hospital, in a licensed ambulatory surgical center, or in a health facility licensed as an abortion facility by the Department of Community Health. It’s likely that Jones’s unique case will go before a grand jury.

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