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Indian P.M. praises Bangladeshi P.M. for new measure she enacted, “despite being a woman”

Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina Wajid (R) welcomes her Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi (L) at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka on June 6, 2015. MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew criticism with a botched attempt to praise his Bangladeshi counterpart, Sheikh Hasina, on Sunday. Modi, speaking at a press conference, said, “I am happy that the Bangladeshi Prime Minister, despite being a woman, has declared zero tolerance for terrorism,” according to a translation of his remarks. Woops! The reaction to the gaffe on social media was swift and scathing, fortunately. Not long after the news of Modi’s comment broke, the hashtag #DespiteBeingAWoman was trending on Twitter. Many on social media took the opportunity to point out great achievements made by women throughout history. And there were even a few defenders, who said the remark was meant to be a compliment and that Hasina has made great strides against terrorism during her tenure.

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