Campaign promises

Barbara Bush turning 90, vows to stay quiet as Jeb runs for president

“I’ve promised that during this next campaign season, I will not talk,” Barbara Bush told NBC’s Today show on Monday, adding that she also won’t be tweeting and posting to Instagram either. “I’m not going to be musing about someone who does something stupid in the campaign,” she quipped. The former first lady has been outspoken in recent years, and — take Monday’s promise to stay mum for what it’s worth — has also shown she’s prone to flip-flopping. In 2013, she notably said that “we’ve had enough Bushes” in the White House when she was asked about the possibility of Jeb running in 2016. But earlier this year, the Bush matriarch said in an email to reporters, “I changed my mind,” and acknowledged her previously stated position on the matter as she threw her support behind Jeb. She did hint that she might break her vow of silence to defend her son against unfair attacks. “I think he’s brilliant,” she remarked. Bush is turning 90 on Monday and the family, including Jeb who has yet to formally announce his candidacy, has gathered in Maine to celebrate the occasion.

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