The workout hijab Muslim women have been waiting for is here


As athletic apparel is becoming more appealing, many millennials are adopting leggings and sneakers as their new wardrobe staples. This popular athletic and casual style is propelling retailers like Lululemon to ascend, while the fitness market has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. And now 22-year-old Cleveland native Ahmad Ghanem is entering this “athleisure” world with his line of innovative, performance-geared hijabs called Veil Garments. Many Muslim women choose to wear these headscarves for religious reasons, but their traditional fabrics like silks, chiffons and cottons don’t exactly make them sweat-friendly. Ghanam spent a year and a half researching various fabrics and manufacturers before launching Veil Garments on Kickstarter; he swiftly reached his $5,000 goal. For his hijabs, Ghanem brilliantly swapped out the usual fabrics for nylon, which is almost-waterproof, comfortable, and quick-drying. “These women need it more than any of the athletes who have clothing for them readily available,” said Ghanam. “They’re the ones who are wearing these rain or shine, in heat or under rainy conditions.” His ultimate vision for the company is to take it global, specifically to his parents’ country of Palestine, where women live in desert temperatures.

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