Right to die

Assisted death bill picks up win in California Senate


Following an emotional debate on the California Senate floor on Thursday, lawmakers voted 23-14 to approve a bill that would give terminally ill patients the legal right to end their lives with drugs prescribed by doctors. The End of Life Option Act is modeled on a law enacted in Oregon in 1997. The right to die cause was thrust into the national spotlight late in 2014 when a terminally ill 29-year-old California woman, Brittany Maynard, moved to Oregon in order legally end her life on her own terms. She died on November 1, but prior to her death, she recorded an emotional video in which she implored lawmakers to give terminally ill patients a legal end of life option. Last month, another terminally ill California woman sued the state for the right to obtain a prescription for life-ending drugs.

Read the full story at the L.A. Times.

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