"Freedom portrait"

Photos of women fleeing ISIS and removing black garb surface on Twitter



A freelance journalist working in Syria posted dramatic photos of women fleeing ISIS in northern Syria, and stripping away the black robes the terror group forces women to wear as they make their way to freedom. Jack Shahine, a journalist who’s been covering Syrians escaping the clutches of the extremists, posted one photo with the caption “Freedom Portrait.” He spoke to Mashable and said a friend captured the images and spoke to the women later. One was Arabic, the other was Kurdish, Shahine told Mashable. ISIS militants force women to dress head-to-toe in black headscarves, veils and dresses — and extreme interpretation of Islam. One of Shahine’s tweets had already racked up more than 700 retweets as of this writing. The photos were posted on Twitter this week, but it’s unclear when exactly they were taken, according to Mashable.

Read the full story at Mashable.

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