Provocateur Pamela Geller was beheading target of suspect killed in Boston, sources say


Pamela Geller, the outspoken blogger who organized infamous “draw Mohammed” contest  in Texas, was reportedly a target of Usaama Rahim, the man killed by police in Boston on Tuesday. Rahim had been under federal surveillance for months for alleged connections, and at least allegiances, to ISIS. Officials say he lunged at a police officer and FBI agent right before authorities fatally shot him. Authorities say Rahim and an accomplice were plotting multiple attacks on local law enforcement in and around Boston. According to court documents, they also were planning to behead a private citizen. Sources reportedly say that citizen is Pamela Geller. Geller has made national news recently over her rhetoric criticizing radical Islam and organizing the contest in Garland, Texas, where contestants were asked to submit cartoon drawings of the Prophet Mohammed last month. The event ended up being attacked by two men who claimed affiliation with ISIS and were subsequently killed by law enforcement officials during the attack. Geller reportedly said she was not aware of a specific threat against her, but since learning of it is “under 24-hour guard now.”

Read the full story at CBS New York and The Boston Globe.

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