Nation’s biggest LGBT rights group is “sexist” and “judgmental,” report finds

Andrea Morales/Getty Images

According to the results of a series of surveys on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) that was commissioned by the HRC, the group has a world of internal and diversity problems. The external consulting group that performed the surveys and focus groups found systematic problems plaguing the work atmosphere at the nation’s largest LGBT, reported BuzzFeed, which obtained a copy of the report. “Leadership culture is experienced as homogenous — gay, white, male,” one passage in the report read. Moreover, employees described the top brass there as “sexist,” “judgmental,” “exclusionary,” and a “white men’s club.” The report also noted that the exclusionary work environment particularly impacted “women and feminine-identified individuals.” In a statement, HRC president Chad Griffin suggested the group was aware of potential problems and told BuzzFeed, “Like many organizations and companies throughout our country, HRC has embarked on a thoughtful and comprehensive diversity and inclusion effort with the goals of better representing the communities we serve.”

Read the full story at BuzzFeed.

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