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Turkish women turn their backs on president in-person and again on social media

By WITW Staff on June 3, 2015

Just four days ahead of a national election, controversial Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is having problems winning over women voters. In fact, he’s actually doing quite well alienating them. Erdoğan a staunch conservative was already largely unpopular with women, and that phenomenon was abundantly clear on June 1 when Erdoğan’s campaign bus passed by a group of women who turned their backs on him. His response to the slight has been criticized as a sexist and lewd joke. “Of course, my decency does not permit me to tell you what [this move] means,” Erdoğan reportedly sniped at the women. Many have taken that to mean he interpreted their move as an offer for sex. As a result, women have taken to social media using the hashtag #SırtımızıDönüyoruz, which translates to ” we’re turning our backs,” and posting photos of themselves with their backs turned. Sunday’s election poses a critical test for Erdoğan and Turkey as a whole — HDP, one of the political parties challenging him, reportedly boasts many female candidates. Even though Erdoğan is not up for re-election, a big day for HDP could prevent him from securing a political majority.

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