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Woman sent to jail because her “sex noises” were too loud


A woman in England has reportedly been slapped with a two-week prison sentence over the loud sounds she made during sex, which annoyed a neighbor. Gemma Wale of Birmingham, England, violated a court order that barred her from making “loud sex noises,” something she is apparently prone to doing. Back in January, one of Wale’s neighbors complained to a judge that, “Gemma started screaming and shouting whilst having sex, which woke us up” at five in the morning. The judge issued the gag order (so to speak) to prevent Wale, who lives in an apartment building, from causing a “nuisance” in the future. But a court order can only do so much, and Wale could only contain her excitement for so long. If you’re thinking there’s more to this story, you’re right. Everything Wale does, it seems, happens at a high volume. The judge in the case also convicted Wale on several other counts including, arguing with her boyfriend (the same boyfriend who caused the “loud sex noises”?), cursing at a neighbor, “banging around the house” and “running around the property.” Fortunately for Wale’s new neighbors in prison, the numerous two-week sentences the judge handed Wale will all be served concurrently.

Read the full story at The Telegraph.

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