Not again

Uber driver in India accused of molesting a woman


The latest incident in Uber’s recent downward spiral is a familiar one: a 21-year-old woman in New Delhi claimed she was molested by a driver in his Uber cab on Saturday morning. According to the victim, after the driver reached her destination and handed her bags over to her, he took her hand for what seemed like an innocent handshake. “He kissed my hand and pulled me towards himself,” she reportedly said. She pulled her hand out and ran away from him. The police were notified, and the victim’s brother filed a complaint against the driver to Uber, but unfortunately the note he received back seemed automated. Uber later issued another statement saying, “action has already been taken with the driver partner being deactivated while the matter is being thoroughly investigated.” Still, it’s another notch on Uber’s belt of failed passenger safety. Although the company’s valued at over $40 billion, its recent string of disasters makes one wonder if they value their female customers.

Read the full story at The Hindustan Times.

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