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Brooklyn: The place with most startups led by women

Michael Nagle/The New York Times

The New York City borough Brooklyn’s a great place if you’re looking for artisanal mayonnaise, sleeve tattoos or … female entrepreneurs. According to a Crunchbase analysis of the companies in its database, about 28 percent of the Brooklyn-based startups that received initial funding between 2009 and 2014 had at least one woman founder, the largest percentage in the entire country. New York as a whole does pretty great with 21 percent, outrunning other tech hotbeds like Boulder (18 percent), San Francisco (16 percent) and Palo Alto (12 percent). Brooklyn has seen a booming startup scene in recent years, thanks to economic factors such as lower rent and good transportation options, as well as the borough’s “creative” appeal. It’s less immediately obvious why it’s so attractive to women entrepreneurs specifically, but some of them have cited meetups and informal networking groups, the prominence of working women, as well as an overall young population, with women seeing becoming a founder as an increasingly viable career option, as contributing factors.

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