French woman held hostage in Yemen makes video plea for help

Isabelle Prime was abducted back in February and on Monday a video of her, in which she makes a desperate plea for help, surfaced. Prime, who works as a consultant with ties to the World Bank, was abducted in Sanaa, Yemen, along with her translator almost four months ago. Her translator was released a few days after the kidnapping. The video is the first news that she’s alive since her disappearance  — and in it, she reportedly appears to not be doing well. According to The Associated Press, she appeared to be under duress in the video and looked frail and spoke directly to French President Francois Hollande, saying, “Please bring me home to France fast because I am really really tired.” Officials aren’t sure exactly who her captors are, but France’s foreign ministry spokesman vowed that the French government is “mobilized to obtain” her release.

Read the full story at The Associated Press.

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