Screaming infidelities

CEO of marital-affair site Ashley Madison explains why women cheat


Why do women cheat? Noel Biderman, founder and CEO of Ashley Madison, shared what his discoveries from the trove of data he’s collected from his marital-affair site. He said that although men cheat to avoid “vanilla sex” and sleep with people of different age, body type, and ethnicity, women tend to cheat because they want to rekindle the feeling of being an object of desire. His site, which gets 35,000 new users each day and 120 million visitors a month, is global, even in places where cheating is punishable by prison time or death. He added that there are a lot of Indian women users, who aren’t looking for Indian men. Biderman sees undiscovered cheating as a good thing, a “secret glue” that holds marriages together. “We’re not engineered for monogamy,” said Biderman. “And we’re certainly not engineered for celibacy.”

Read the full story at Yahoo! Finance.

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