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Adrenaline rush

Artist beautifully captures bold female bikers in Morocco

By WITW Staff on May 31, 2015

Move over, Hells Angels, and make way for Kesh Angels. Artist Hassan Hajjaj’s depiction of the young, female biker culture in Marrakesh, Morocco, is arresting. He began with an astonishing photo series in 2014 called Kesh Angels, featuring outfits of his own design that married fake designer prints with traditional silhouettes. And he recently premiered a feature-length film at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art starring one of the women from his Kesh Angels series. The movie is called Karima: A Day in the Life of a Henna Girl and it spotlights Moroccan henna artist Karima, whom Hajjaj has been shooting for more than a decade. If you want to catch the next screening, book a flight to Switzerland; it’ll be shown at Art Basel in June.

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