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TED turns away mother and her baby … from a conference for women

urban_data/(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Conference organizers are having a rough week. First it was the organizers of the Denver Comic Con who failed to invite a single woman to sit on a panel about women in comic books. Now, the high-minded TEDWomen conference finds itself in similar dubious waters after staff members asked a mother and her 5-month-old baby to leave a conference that was meant to celebrate the accomplishments of women and girls around the world. Author Jessica Jackley tweeted about her disappointment at having to leave with her nursing infant after TED staffers informed her of the “no kids allowed” policy. Despite the hard and fast rule, June Cohen, the executive producer of TED Media, reportedly said the decision to turn Jackley away was a mistake and invited Jackley to return to the conference. “The decision made in the moment we feel was wrong,” Cohen reportedly said.

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