Survey of Harvard’s Class of 2015 reveals juicy details

Gretchen Ertl/The New York Times

If you’ve been wondering about the sex lives and drug habits of some of the nation’s brightest students, you’re in luck. The Harvard Crimson conducted a survey of 760 seniors, nearly half the Class of 2015, although not everyone answered every question. Still, the results are quite interesting. It dives into the students’ post-grad plans, socioeconomic statuses, academic performances, activities outside of the classroom, political leanings, satisfaction on Harvard’s campus, mental health, and their experiences with sexual assault. Twenty-four percent of respondents said they did not have intercourse while at Harvard. Meanwhile, 20 percent of the men said they had 10 or more sex partners while they were in school, as opposed to 7 percent of females who made the same claim. Approximately 60 percent of surveyed seniors said they drank at least once a week, seven percent have tried cocaine or ecstasy, and eight percent have tried psychedelic drugs. Women’s mean GPA was slightly higher than the men’s (3.65 vs. 3.62), but 49 percent of working men said they’ll start with salaries higher than $70,000 while only 34 percent of working women could say the same. When it comes to political beliefs, 69 percent of women identify as liberal, compared to only 51% of men. With campus rape a hot topic this past year, 14.4 percent of female respondents said they have been sexually assaulted, while 2.95 percent of men said the same. And, if given the chance, would these students attend Harvard all over again? A whopping 95 percent of the graduating seniors said yes.

Read the full story at The Boston Globe.

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