Girl, 11, graduates from high school and is headed to Harvard Summer School


Ria Cheruva, an 11-year-old girl from Arizona, donned a cap and gown and graduated from high school this week. Oh, and she was her class valedictorian. Still not impressed? Well, Ria is headed to Harvard Summer School where she’ll reportedly study neural cryptography and artificial intelligence. Ria’s mom said she knew very early on Ria was gifted and that she took cues from educators who guided Ria into more advanced classes. She’ll go along with Ria when she starts school at Harvard, thereby fulfilling the worst nightmare of every young person who has gone or will go to college. “We’re not here just to live and to die. We’re here to do something to the world and I want to fulfill that purpose and help the world with what I do,” Ria told KTVK. Ria’s purpose, she said, is to “help others.” In a statement provided to Women in the World, Harvard pointed out that Ria will be taking classes in part of Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education, which is part of Harvard University, but separate from Harvard College.

Read the full story at KTVK.



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