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Western women who join ISIS find it nearly impossible to escape

May 28, 2015

In a comprehensive report, The Associated Press has found that women who join ISIS find that it is an all but final decision and that, if they change their minds about jihad and want to leave the group, escape is nearly impossible. By contrast, men who join ISIS and experience a change of heart have a much easier time escaping the terror group, the report found. According to the AP’s findings, women who travel to the Middle East to join ISIS and other extremists are married off almost immediately — sometimes in Turkey before the women even reach Syria or Iraq. Escaping ISIS’ clutches is so difficult for women and girls that the feat has only been pulled off twice, the AP reported. Both rare cases are detailed in the report. One lucky escapee, Sterlina Petalo, a Dutch teen, had converted to Islam and then ran off to Syria to marry a jihadi fighter last year. Months later, she managed to escape and her mother reportedly picked her up at the Turkey border and returned her to the Netherlands.

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