ISIS terrorist’s wife and children want to move back to Australia


It was the image that shocked the entire world: a seven-year old Australian boy in Syria, holding a severed head. The little boy was the son of Khaled Sharrouf, 33, a convicted Australian terrorist, who took his entire family (a wife, two teenage daughters and three young boys) to Syria to fight for ISIS. Now, according to a new report by Fairfax Media, his wife and 5 children are trying to make their way back to Australia from Syria. They reportedly say they’re fleeing due to “poor living conditions in Syria.” Her family is trying to help them repatriate to Australia through Malaysia. This has sparked a debate in Australia on what to do with the family once they return, and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton stated the family would most likely be placed into care upon their return. Prime Minister Abbott chimed in, too, at a press conference on Wednesday, saying: “If criminals come within the reach of our law, whether they’re male or female, they will face the full severity of our law. There are criminals who go to jail all the time and they have children, and the children of these particular criminals will be dealt with in the same way that the children of criminals are normally dealt with.”

Read the full story at Mashable.

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