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Husbands can get high blood pressure from stressed-out wives

Andy Haslam/The New York Times

According to a new study of American married couples, men with stressed-out wives are more likely to have higher blood pressure. Lead study author Kira Birditt said, “we found that husbands had higher blood pressure when wives reported greater stress and that this link was even greater when husbands felt more negative about the relationship.” Researchers studied a sample of 22,000 people nationwide and their results showed the curious phenomenon does not go both ways—stressed out women did not experience higher blood pressure when their husbands were under stress. It turns out traditional gender roles may be the culprit. Kristen Peek, a Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston who wasn’t involved in the study, said “older husbands tend to be dependent on their wives for care … older husbands would have decreased mental and physical health in response to their wives’ decline.”

Read the full story at Newsmax.

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