Leading by example

6 inspiring men are working to improve menstrual hygiene in India

REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar

Although it’s 2015, there are millions of people around the world who continue to support the stigma surrounding menstruation and see the monthly cycle as a cultural taboo. Even though it’s a completely natural process that every woman will experience in her lifetime, the stigma attached to it prevents some women from worshiping in temples, going into kitchens, holding certain foods, and watering plants. Menstrual hygiene is poor in certain areas too, with nearly 70 percent of Indian women using old rags instead of sanitary napkins. Quartz highlighted six Indian men who are determined to normalize the bodily function. The men include the founder of a company that creates recyclable sanitary napkins, the co-creator of a comic book about menstruation and Menstrupedia, an inventor of affordable sanitary napkins, the founder of an initiative that recycles cloths to make pads, and two co-founders of an organization that constructs menstruation-friendly schools.

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