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Mad (Wo)Men

5 of the 11 writers on “Mad Men” were women

By WITW Staff on May 28, 2015

As far as television shows go, AMC’s hit series Mad Men was a rarity in that almost half of its writers were women. Fortune tracked down the five women — Janet Leahy, Lisa Albert, Erin Levy, Carly Wray and Semi Chellas — and talked to them about their experiences inside the Mad Men writers’ room. Chellas said, “The rule of the writers room is not to kiss and tell,” but the five women did offer up some interesting insight including about how executive producer Matthew Weiner fostered a collaborative working environment and urged writers to find real-life inspiration for material. “Matt very much encourages you to cannibalize your life and those of your loved ones,” Lisa Albert said. When asked about whether the workplace in America has changed much since the era Mad Men was set in, Janet Leahy replied, “It’s a little offensive that we still live in a world where this question comes up.” Indeed, during the 2013-2014 TV season, according to Fortune, only 25 percent of writers on prime-time shows were women.

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