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Security video shows waitress hammering customer who groped her

Nathaniel Brooks/The New York Times

Women who have been subjected to unwanted groping, take note: A waitress in Russia has just raised the bar for how to respond to such a despicable display. According to reports, a video posted online that was captured by a surveillance camera at a restaurant in the city of Kazan, about 500 miles east of Moscow, shows a waitress exacting swift revenge on a customer who had groped her. As she appeared to hand off the bar bill, the man took the check book and then appeared to stuff money inside the waitress’s shirt. Her immediate response was to deliver a left jab that glanced off the groper’s shoulder and landed on the side of his head. The man then jumped off his bar stool as the waitress walked away and grabbed her buttocks. The woman whirled around and slammed him in the head with a menu she was holding. Shaken, but undeterred, the man kept coming at her as she backed away. She took another swing with menu that connected squarely on the side of his head and sent him plunging to the floor. Several other patrons ran over to check on him as the waitress strode off, the threat neutralized. Some have speculated that the whole video may have been staged. Either way, we wouldn’t recommend using this approach to handle unwanted fondling from a man, but we also can’t help commending this waitress for doling out some swift justice for such bad behavior.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.


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