Faux pas

Comic Con event holds “Women in Comics” panel … with no women

Comic Con attendees pose during the 2014 New York Comic Con. Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Over Memorial Day weekend, Denver Comic Con held a conference and one of the panels was “Women in Comics.” The problem, as many pointed out on social media, is there was not a single woman on the panel. And there was even a woman in attendance at the convention who’s described as an “eminent historian” of women characters in comic books. Trina Robbins was a special guest at the convention, but it never dawned on anyone to invite her to sit on the “Women in Comics” panel. Of course, convention organizers tried to explain away the major faux pas saying in a statement, it’s “important to point out that it was a panel that took an historical view of women characters in comic books rather than the current role of women creators in the industry or diversity in comics.” Similar logic has been used before, IfYouOnlyNews notes, to memorably explain why a 2012 panel convened by Congress to address birth control and abortion also had zero women on it.

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