Hopping mad

Wisconsin woman fighting for right to visit McDonald’s with pet kangaroo

Paul Kane/Getty Images

Dina Moyer just wants to be able to grab some fast food with her pet kangaroos, as you do. But the residents of Moyer’s Wisconsin town aren’t charmed by her band of five marsupials. In February of last year, Moyer stopped by a McDonald’s with a joey named Jimmy, who was wearing a diaper and a little coat at the time (we can’t even). Now, her town is proposing an ordinance that would ban Moyer’s pets from local establishments. Moyer claims that her ‘roos are therapeutic aids in her fight against cancer and depression. “They’re one of the most loving, faithful animals you’d ever want to be with,” she said. “They start out so small and they’re depending on you. They need so much attention and care, it keeps our mind off having cancer.” For now, Moyer continues to take Jimmy out on the town. Together, they have been to the mall, to Moyer’s church, and to the movies to see Taken 3. But of course.

Read the full story at the Daily Beast.

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